Who are we?

Blackie Walsh

Blackie is our very needed driver.  She carries cats to and from the vets, but also takes on many other runs necessary to help running the organisation.  As running is her thing, she also participates in many sporting events to raise funds.

Bobby McQuade

Bobby McQuadeBobby was rescued as a small kitten from the walls of an old building in Youghal.  He has since been living with his rescuer, Sarah.

Bobby is very concerned by the fate of his fellow cats in Youghal and helps with whatever is needed in the area, from trapping to fundraising to raising awareness.

Bud Peneau

13 03 30 Bud_webBud is one of the Pub Kittens.  He was rescued in October 2011 on the 4th day of a rescue/TNR at the back of a pub in Carrigtohill.  When Bud and his brother were found, they were very weak and suffering from cat flu.  Unfortunately, Bud’s brother did not survive, but, thanks to the good care of Sinead and Tammy at the Cloyne Veterinary Practice, Bud and the rest of the Pub Kittens managed to get over their cat flu.  After nearly a month spent with Sinead, they moved with Em where they kept growing stronger.  Bud’s half sisters were rehomed, but Bud remained with his fosterer.

Bud gets on with everyone and is the PR officer and volunteer coordinator of Community Cats Network.  He looks after social networking and many of the enquiries received by the group.

Captain Underpants Dwyer

Captain Underpants, formerly known as Oscar, was found on a West Cork beach in 2010 one cold January morning.  Him and is nine sibblings and half sibblings were then taken into the care of Maggie and Jim.  They were slowly rehomed, one by one.  Oscar was supposed to go to the UK and indeed went there, but Maggie could not part with him and he made the trip back with her fosterer, with whom he has been living since.

Captain Underpants is Community Cats’ socialisation agent; no kitten resists him and he also provides advice to the public.

Cookie Walsh

Cookie is not just a pretty face as she likes to say; she is also a very valuable fundraiser for Community Cats.



Gypsy Paul

Gypsy used to live in an outside pen until Breda saw her and adopted her in 2002.  Since then, the two have become inseparable.

With her cute little face, Gypsy is unsurprisingly one of our best fundraisers.  She is the one who managed to raise all the funds for the Ballycotton TNR project; with 40 cats to be neutered, that’s a lot of money!

Gypsy Peneau

Gypsy was found as a three-week old kitten in November 2010.  Although the mum was still around, she had decided to look after the strongest of her kittens and Gypsy was starving and filthy.  Em took her home, but the first 24 hours were critical as Gypsy refused to eat.  After many trials, Gypsy finally began to feed from the bottle.  She was soon weaned and grew up into a bold kitten, typical of her kind: the torties!

Gypsy is the initiator of the Ballycotton TNR project, a project that saw over 40 cats neutered.  She has now become Community Cats’ TNR coordinator and helps communities to organise their own TNR projects.

Happy Beans Dwyer

Happy Beans was rescued during a TNR assessment in November 2011.  He was found in a very poor condition and would have probably died in the next few days had it not been for Maggie and Jim, who brought him straight to the vet.  His ear infection was so bad that he was deaf and his head had become tilted.  However, the following morning, Happy Beans woke up full of beans and has not stopped since.

Happy Beans is a favourite amongst the ladies.  He does a bit of PR for Community Cats by cheering up everybody on Facebook.  He has also become one of our key fundraisers.

Kaos Peneau

KaosKaos was found with his siblings in a bag covered with tar on the side of the road at the end of 2010 and was taken into the care of Cottage Rescue, where he was discovered by Em.  Kaos has remained a scardy cat.  Although he acts like a baby with Em, he is very wary of stranges.  However, he is quite special with kittens and is the first to welcome them home.

Kaos helps with the cleaning and makes sure that all the cages are properly disinfected before being used for another TNR.

Marco Paul

MarcoMarco just wants the best.  That’s why he moved in with Breda, following Thomas’s steps.  In his new home, he has the best of food and the best of comfort.  He can be cozy and warm when it’s cold outside.

It’s not only for him that he wants the best, but for all the cats, so it is only normal that Marco would become one Community Cats Network’s cat trappers, thus improving the lives of the ferals in East Cork…

Marlyn Dwyer

Mar is Community Cats’ best cat trapper.  He knows them all and loves them all, inside out.




Mishief Peneau

Mischief was found as a kitten outside a nightclub in Waterford in September 2004.  He was crying, so someone picked him up and brought him home.  She soon realised she could not keep him and asked Em to take him.  Of course, Em could not refuse and he has since been living with her and her other kitties.

Mischief is Community Cats Network’s adoption coordinator; he makes sure that all cats and kittens find a home as soon as possible.  His social background also makes him an excellent fundraiser, organising table quizzes and other events all over East Cork.

Penny Murphy

PennyPenny was available free to a good home in 2011 and was the last of the litter to be re-homed. It must have been written in the stars as she found the perfect family and quickly became the centre of attention and stole the hearts of everyone including her new best friend, Biffy, a bearded collie. She moved to Cork in 2012 and became aware of Community Cats Network and started to follow their work on Facebook.

Not long after, she offered to join the group as a Twitter administrator and has since been in charge of their Twitter account.

Pippin Murphy

Pippin MurphyPippin is Penny’s adoptive sister.  She was rescued by CCN during a TNR project in Carrigtohill because she had a problem with one of her hind legs.  An offer of a home with the Murphy family quickly came in and Pippin went to live with Penny and friends.  She eventually had to have her leg amputated, but this doesn’t stop her to run around.

Pippin’s fame came when she was featured on the 2014 Christmas cards for Community Cats Network.  She helps when she can with various fundraising activities in order to help more cats like her.

Princess Dwyer

Princess was rescued at the same time as her mother Tabitha.  However, she was always a bit left out as her mother preferred her other kitten.  She thus started to develop a strong bond with Maggie and Jim’s son and has become the fastest kitty in the house when it comes to entering James’s room.

Therefore, we have chosen Princess to deal with all emergencies and she fulfils this duty with the speed of lightning.

Shan Dwyer

Shan came into the care of Maggie and Jim as a kitten in August 2011.  He had been hanging around some offices in Shanbally for a whole week and one of the employees who was feeding him began to get worried for him as there would be nobody around at the weekend to look after him.  Shan moved in softly and swiftly in the Dwyer’s house.  You’d barely take any notice of him as he is so calm.

Shan occupies an unusual, yet necessary position, within Community Cats Network.  He is the one who makes us all pause for a minute when everything just goes too fast and tends to get out of control.

Snoffy Dwyer

Snoffy’s story would break anyone’s heart.  She was found as a kitten in 2010 in the middle of a road by the river.  Her sibblings had been drown, but she had managed to climb on the river bank and just stood there on the orad whee all cars were driving around her until Maggie spotted her.  Maggie and Jim picked her up and brought her home, but she was a very damaged kitten, in all sense of the term.  Not only did she have many health issues, but she also seemed to have give up on life, yet kept living.  As a kitten, Snoffy would not play, nor have fun.  Yet, Snoffy recovered and has become the loveliest cat you can meet; she loves everybody, especially kittens.

Snoffy is Commynity Cats’ most notorious fosterer.  Bring any kitten to her and she will mind them.

Taz Dwyer

Taz or Mammy as she is also known is one of the eldest residents in the Dwyer house.

Taz makes sure that everybody follows the guidelines and procedures of Community Cats Network.

Thomas Paul

ThomasThomas is an elderly gentleman.  One day he decided that he had enough living outside and he moved in with Breda.  He just walked in the window and never left.  As a senior cat, he needs a special diet, but he does enjoy his treats!

Thomas likes to take it easy; however, Community Cats Network could not do without him as he is the one doing most of the baking for our fundraisers.  With his fine mouth, he is quite a pro at it!


6 responses to “Who are we?

  1. Haha! Brilliant! My 2 are glad to be on board! 😀

  2. Love this 🙂

  3. where is your base.can i just go and spend some time with unwanted cats,or bring them food?

    • Hi Mia,
      We are based in Cork county; however, we do not have a shelter since we are a Trap-Neuter-Return group. The few cats we care for stay with fosters. You’d be welcome to visit them; for that, could you email us please.
      If you would like to volunteer for us, there is a form that can be downloaded for this site. It highlights the many ways one can help.
      Thanks for your interest!

  4. Bobby must be doing some research up close and personal. Come home Bobby!

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