Selection of Gifts for Cats

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Hand-knitted Balls €2

p1260528Kittens love playing with these colourful hand-knitted balls!

Note that colour may vary depending on stock available.

Retail price: €2


CCN Dangly Cork Toy €2

This is a very popular handcrafted toy with all our kittens and cats.  It is colourful and has a litle bell to attract the attention of the kitten.  With it’s long string, it guarantees hours of fun with your kitten or cat.  It is actually an ideal tool for the socialisation of shy and nervous kittens as it will allow you to interact with them.  It can also be hung to a door handle, thus keeping your cat entertained even when you’re tired.

Retail price is €2.

Catnip Mouse €2.50

p1260525Our catnip mice are our bestsellers, so order yours quickly.  They have been stuffed with the best homegrown catnip and will keep your cat entertained for hours.

Available in Red, blue, purple and pink.

Retail price is €2.50

CCN Dangly Wooden Toy €3

Cat Toy_Dangly Wooden ToyThis is our latest creation in cat toys.

Made with catnip scented wooden balls, it is colourful and has a little bell to attract your cat’s attention.  It is popular with cats and kittens alike.

Retail price is €3



Catnip Bunny €4

p1260521These gorgeous hand-knitted bunnies are filled with catnip to keep your cat entertained for hours.

Note that colour may vary depending on stock available.

Retail price: €4

Jellyfish Dangly Toy €4.50

Cat toy_Jellyfish (2)

The Jellyfish dangly toy is a very popular item amongst cats.  It is colourful and had a little bell to attract the cat’s attention.

It can be hung or just given to your cat to carry around.

Exists in three colours: Rainbow, Multicolour and Pink.

Retail price is €4.50.

Cat Blankets

Coming soon…

Mini Stocking €3

mini-stockings-2These cute mini stockings are filled with a treat for your cat. Get your cat to take part in the Christmas fun by hanging one for them on your tree!

Exists also with treats for dogs and for humans!

Exists in colours above, but note that only limited stock is available.

Retail price is €3

Gift Sets and Hampers

Coming soon…