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Money Box Competition at The Cat Purrse – August 2018


For the month of August 2018, we are holding a money box competition to raise funds for TNR at The Cat Purrse. All proceeds will be split amongst our various local TNR funds to help with the neutering of stray and feral cats. It is a fun activity you can do with your kids while teaching them a very valuable lesson of kindness. You can view some ideas here, here and here.

To take part, follow those simple steps:

1- Make a money box. It can be as quirky as you wish. Use your imagination and creativity. Take a photo and email it to communitycatsnetwork@gmail.com. We will post it in a photo album on The Cat Purrse page.

2- Fill it up with your spare change (you can even throw in a few notes!).

3- Towards the middle of August, count the money in your box and lodge it to our bank account or send it via paypal (again, don’t forget to include your name so that we can match it with the money box you have submitted). Once we have received the funds, the photo of your money box will be validated for the competition.

All submissions and funds must be received by the 25th of August.
There will be 3 winners announced on the 31st of August: A- Best money box (public vote) B- Best money box (jury’s choice) C- Best fundraiser

The money box with the most likes on Facebook will win one of those 3 prizes

The money box that raises the most funds will win one of these prizes

The winner for the jury’s choice for best money box will win one of these prizes

Note that entries will only be validated once we have received the funds you have raised. If collection of the prize cannot be arranged locally (Midleton area), the postage will be at your own charge.


6th Birthday Raffle

On the 27th of April, we will be celebrating 6 years of helping stray and feral cats. To mark this occasion, we have organised a raffle with some very special prizes.

1st prize: Nutty the Squirrel, knitted by the very talented Beryl.

2st prize: Drawing by East Cork artist Tom Walsh

3rd prize: Painting on canvas by Sharon, one of our supporters

4th prize: a cat gift set

5th prize: Grace & Cole toiletry set

6th prize: Hand-crafted Pandora-style bracelet, made and donated by a supporter.

The draw will take place on the 29th of April around 8pm and winners will be announced on our Facebook page.

To enter the draw, make a donation here (€2 per line, €5 for 3 lines or €10 for 8 lines). Thank you for your continued support!

Photo Competition – February 2018

How would you like winning a gorgeous portrait of your pet drawn by the talented Caroline Evans Coles?


For the month of February, we are running an animal photo competition on our fundraising Facebook page, The Cat Purrse. All proceeds will go to the neutering of stray and feral cats in Mitchelstown.

To take part, it’s easy. Buy an entry (or more) online here (€5 per entry) and email your photo to communitycatsnetwork@gmail.com. Your photo will be uploaded on the Cat Purrse’s facebook page where the public can vote for it until the 27th of February. The 5 photos with the most votes will be sent to an independent jury to choose a winner for the pet portrait and 2 runner-up photos, that will win a rosette. Winners will be announced on Facebook on the 28th of February. Submissions are accepted until the 25th of February.

Note that the photo must be your own and must be animal-themed.

Thanks for your support!



Halloween Raffle 2017

This Halloween, we have a great raffle to offer you!

To be in with a chance to win one of these prizes, buy your tickets here. Tickets are €2 for a strip, €5 for three strips or €10 for eight strips. All proceeds go to helping cats in our care.

1st prize: large handknitted gorgoyle
2nd prize: handknitted teddy
3rd prize: handmade necklace
4th prize: Halloween gift set for cats
5th prize: Halloween gift set for humans

The draw will take place on the 29th of October.

Note that if prizes cannot be collected locally (East Cork), postage will be at yor own charge.

Facebook Bingo

Do you like to play Bingo? Would you like to play from the comfort of your home? If so, look no further and you will be supporting a good cause too!

For the month of October, we are running an online Bingo on our fundraising Facebook page, The Cat Purrse. All proceeds will go to the neutering of stray and feral cats in West Waterford.

To take part, it’s easy. Buy your card(s) online here (€2 per card or €10 for a sheet of 6 cards). We will email you a photo of your card, which you will need to print. Follow The Cat Purrse page where every day we will be announcing the drawn numbers from the 17th of October. We will be playing for a line, 2 lines and a full house. For more information, click here.

Here are the prizes you can choose from…

if you win a line

if you win two lines

if you win a full house

Note that postage will be at your charge if collection cannot be arranged locally (East Cork area).

The Cat Purrse


We have created a new fundraising Facebook page, The Cat Purrse, to enable our volunteers to raise money online for our various TNR community funds. Each month, we will offer a new fundraiser for a specific area. Please follow (and share) the page and help us to raise much needed funds!

Our first fundraiser is a photo competition taking place this month for the West Waterford TNR fund. Entries will be accepted until the 28th of March. Check out the great submissions we have received so far!